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HSE Essential Maintenance - 08/08/2017 17:00 until 09/07/2017 17:00. Emailing system unavailable during that time. Any serious incidents that require notification have to be reported by phone during that period.

Please ring the EEC Help Line on 01204 300944 if you have any queries.

Recent updates and changes:

New Risk Fameworks added:
Control of Electromagnetic fields at work regulations 2016

Waste Management - General
Waste Management - Disposal of medical waste
Waste Management - Back pains

National Visits - England - London
Churchill War Rooms

30_01_2016: The Accident Reporting module now has a non-registered user portal so as to allow reporting of incidents by staff members who aren't presently registered with EECLive.

19_01_2016: The Accident Reporting module now has the facility to attach photos to reports via the Review screen.

Developed in association with the Team Teach team and other child welfare professionals from Somerset County Council, European Education Consultant's new Behaviour Monitoring module is now available.

The module is designed primarily for teachers to record both Major and minor episodes of inappropriate behaviour by pupils. Recording of such episodes and subsequent analysis by trained staff members, can be used to identify where controls, training and possible alterations to processes and timetables may be of benefit in reducing the likelihood of future occurrences. Used in conjunction with the free (*) Individual Safety Plan module this can be highly beneficial in reducing the risk of possible injury to staff and pupils.

These same methods of recording, monitoring and subsequent analysis may be used in premises whose primary function is the care of the elderly and vulnerable.

The module is also designed to record occurrences of inappropriate behaviour by adults visiting educational or other premises allowing plans to be developed to improve safety of staff and security of premises.

Contact us via for further information on the Behaviour Monitoring or any other module of our EEClive Health and Safety suite.

(*) N.B. The Individual Safety Plan is provided as a free module when leasing any of the base EEClive modules.

Snow Code - Clearing snow and ice yourself - new guidance published.

Clearing snow and ice risk assessment available in General: Slips and Falls -Icy surfaces.

Winter help.

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