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On-line Health and Safety Management Suite

  • Management of Accident Reporting by RIDDOR

    Fully RIDDOR compatible accident reporting system that automatically informs HSE when appropriate.

  • Management of Health and Safety by Audit

    Customisable Audit system allowing gathering of information and statistics to better manage all aspects of an organisation.

  • Management of Risk by Assessment

    The largest and most comprehensive Risk Assessment package available with approximately 1650 pre-written assessment frameworks - including nearly 600 visits, more than 40 from overseas - ready for immediate use.

  • Management of Offsite and External Visits by Organised Planning

    Providing the means to carefully plan, organise and control any offsite or external visits that automatically keeping local and central visit coordinators informed of progress where appropriate.

  • Management of persons At Risk and with Special Needs by Case Handling

    Bringing together all those concerned with the wellbeing of a person at risk or with special needs is essential to provide the security and support they need.

  • Management of behaviour by Monitoring

    Logging incidents of abnormal behaviour and comparing them to the environment in which they occurred.